Vision and Mission
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Vision and Mission

  • To collect objects of Historical and parliamentary significance for the purpose to display, protection, preservation and research.
  • To disseminate knowledge about the significance of the objects in respect of history and institutions of democracy.
  • To serve as a centre for enjoyment and interaction of people in parliamentary and cultural activity.


A cultural and architectural land mark in the state of Kerala, the Kerala Legislature Golden Jubilee Museum inpires a passion for democracy and learning. The museum opened at Kerala Legislative Assembly Complex is unique and is widely acclaimed as a role model for state assemblies else where in the country. A repository for the rich legislative history of the land, the Museum, as we see it today, had an interesting beginning. The building that houses the museum was the headquarters of the Travancore Nair Brigade since 1868. It was used as a military hospital later. This was converted to the Legislative Assembly Museum which was inaugurated on 05.05.2006.

The museum displays photos, objects & artefacts that show the rich heritage of democractic institutions of the land. The Museum is so designed that every visitor gets a deep insight into the milestones in the history of Kerala Assembly. Researchers and thousands of school students visit the museum as part of their education tour every year. The museum features a model of the Assembly Hall, mini theatre, library, research centre, multi media hall, touch screen kiosk etc. The Museum was expanded with a new building on 15.04.2013.

Working Hours

11.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs on all working days


Resource Centre, Sales Division & Children's Library.