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  • Honourable President of India, Shri. Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated the Festival on Democracy consisting of National Conferences on various topics of national interest on 06 August 2018.

  • The National Conference on the Development of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Independent India was held on 6th and 7th August, 2018 as part of the Festival on Democracy.

  • The National Students' Parliament, Kerala – 2019 was held at the Legislature Complex from 23rd to 25th February, 2019. Over 2000 youth from all parts of India participated in the event.

  • Classes on Constitution of India for High School and Higher Secondary School students is being organized in over 1000 schools in the State of Kerala.

  • Model Legislative Assembly by School and College students have been held in various districts of the State as part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the Kerala Legislative Assembly.

  • Kerala Legislative Assembly and Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority have jointly organised Constitution literacy programmes for neo-literates throughout the State.


CPST - UNICEF Initiative

With the aim of contributing to the welfare of children, youth, women and the margenelized sections of the society, CPST has been associating with the UNICEF Office for TamilNadu and Kerala since the launch of the CPST - UNICEF Joint Initiative on 5th August 2015. Honourable members of the House have actively particiapted in the seminars and discussions held on various topics including child rights, rights of women, progress towards sustainal\ble development goals etc. UNICEF is a partner in the Festival on Democracy being organized by the Kerala Legislative Assembly and various other activities promoting democrasy and sustainable development.


Certificate Course in Parliamentary Practice and Procedure

The Certificate Course in Parliamentary Practice and Procedure conducted by the Centre in the distance education mode is an innovative and pioneering effort by a State Legislative Assembly to impart knowledge to all stakeholders of our parliamentary democracy on the role played by elected representatives in the Parliament and State Legislatures and the contribution of each person in promoting welfare of the citizens. Awareness, interaction and contribution to the democratic method of governance can only lead to the strengthening of our democratic institutions and this is what the course aims to do.


Parliamentary Internship Programme

The Parliamentary Internship Programme aims to provide an opportunity to students of Law Colleges to acquaint themselves with the working of parliamentary democracy and democratic institutions in general. Indian parliamentary system and specifically about the legislative procedures and ativities of the Kerala Legislative Assembly. The Programme also aims at imparting requisite skills and knowledge to enable the interns to develop a proper perspective about the role of Legislature in the parliamentary system which, in turn, will help them while working in their own fields in future. A number of college students, from all over India have successfully completed their internship from the Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Training.


Media Awards

Another innovative step taken by the Kerala Legislative Assembly to strengthen the efforts of the Legislature and Government for social and aconomic development is the inctitution of media awards in print and visual media for three categories of media reporting:

  • 'R Sankaranarayanan Thampi Niyamasabha Media Award' is for excellence in strenthening the Malayalam language and ots culture.
  • The 'E K Nayanar Niyamasabha Media Award' is given to the best entry for investigative reporting which is widely discussed and influences society.
  • The 'G Karthikeyan Niyamasabha Media Award' is given for the best reporting on the procedures in the House.


General Activities

  • Orientation programmes for newly elected Members of the Kerala Legislative Assembly.
  • Discussions and Seminars on a variety of current issues for Members of the Legislative Assembly.
  • Visit by Members of Parliament of various nations of the world to the Kerala Legislative Assembly.
  • Seminars and discussions for Members of Kerala Legislative Assembly and Youth in co-operation with UNICEF.
  • Training for Officials of Government Departments and Central Secretariat.
  • Training Programmes for Officials of Legislature Secretariat inside and outside the State.
  • Attachment Training Programmes with Institute of Management in Government.
  • Attachment Training Programmes with Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training, New Delhi.
  • Training Programmes for media personnel.
  • Training Programmes for Watch and Ward personnel.
  • Visit and study programmes for College Students.
  • Visit and study programmes for School Students.
  • Study programme on Constitution of India, its importance and its manifestation in the daily lives of Indian citizens.
  • Essay writing, quiz and debate competitions for school and college students.