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Sl No Date Member who moved Subject Matter
1. 9-12-1960 Shri. Baby John Petition signed by Workers of Hopkin and Williams, Chavara regarding the closure of the factory.
2. 20-12-1961 Secretary (reported to the House) Petitions forwarded by
(1) The Trivandrum Coir Factory Worker's Union
(2)The inhabitants of Ambalapuzha and Cherthala taluks.
3. 4-8-1967 Shri. K. Karunakaran Petition from the labourers and Staff of the Cashew Factories that have been remaining closed and requesting Government to form a Cashew Corporation.
4. 28-3.1968 Shri. N. Ganapathy Petition from Shri. S.A. Joseph, General Secretary, Kerala State Small Cardamom Planters' Association, Munnar requesting Government to take steps for assigning on Registry the Lands suitable for cardamom cultivation to the respective lessees.
5. 20-8-1968 Shri. K. Karunakaran. Petition from Shri. T.Hariharan, Smt. M. Kamalam and others requesting Government to stop all proceedings for the assignment of 68 acres of veluthullikayal area to certain persons, as such a step would cause hardship to several poor people, depriving them of their means of livelihood.
6. 24-10-1968 Shri. K. Mahabala Bhandary Petition from Shri.T.N. Bharathan, President, Bharathiya Jana Sangh and others against the formation of a new District in Malabar.
7. 20-8-1969 Shri. Alexander Parambithara Petition from Shri. K.M. Kumar, Vice President, Munnar special grade panchayat and Shri.K.N.Ninan, President, Pallivasal Panchayat requesting Government to take steps to redress the grievances of cardamom planters
8. 28-1-1970 Shri. P.P. George Petition from Shri. P.K.Ittoop, President and Shri. P.T. Sankaran Embranthiri, Secretary of Chalakudy Thaluk Roopikarana Committee requesting Government for the formation of Chalakudy taluk.
9. 28-4-1971 Shri. P.J. Thomas Petition submitted by Shri. Pushpathadom Raghavan, President Kodumon Karshaka Samiti and others regarding the demands of the evicted peasents from the Kodumon Plantations.
10. 22-6-1983 Secretary (reported to the House) The receipt of a petition from the President, Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parished and others relating to wide spread destruction of forests in the state.
11. 31-7-1985 Shri. R.S. Unni Petition from the Cashew worker's of Quilon District.
12. 2-7-1986 Secretary (reported to the House) The receipt of a petition from Shri. M.P. Manmadhan, President, Kerala Madya Nirodhana Samiti praying for the introduction of total prohibition in the state.
13. 29-6-1988 Secretary (reported to the House) The receipt of a petition submitted jointly by INTUC and CITU praying for urgent steps to protect the labourers and their families of the Ponmudi Tea Estate.
14. 1-8-1991 Shri. C.K. Chandrappan A petition signed by Shri. K. Raveendran Pillai, Cherthala Municipal Council Chairman, Shri.K.C. Vijayan, Leader of opposition of the council and shri. N.S. Surendran, Standing Committee Chairman praying for taking steps for the overall development of Cherthala.
15. 10-10-1991 Shri. Dominic Presentation A petition signed by Shri. K.B.Mohammed kutty Master, President Maradu panchayat and others praying for taking steps to solve the difficulties of travelling public of Maradu panchayat.
16. 19-7-1994 Shri. K.E.Ismail Petition signed by Dr. K.P. Mohammed kutty, secretary, Pattambi Vikasana Samiti and others praying for taking steps to cater to the urgent needs of the residents of Pattambi.
17. 8-8-1994 Shri. M. Murali Petition signed by P.I George, Chairman and Shri. Appukuttan Nair, Hon. Secretary of Kollakadavu Estate Industrialists Association praying for solving the problems faced by Kollakadavu Industrial Estate.
18. 26-3-1997 Shri. M. Murali Petition signed by shri. P. Vasudevan, President and Shri. M.K. Dasappan, Secretary of Akhila Kerala Viswakarma Mahasabha praying for solving the problems faced by the persons belonging to Viswakarma community.
19 23-07-2009 Shri. M. Murali Petition signed by Shri. Aryanadu Mohanan, Chairman and Smt. Susan Abraham, General Secretary of Kerala Beauticians Association praying for solving the problems faced by the beauticians faced by the State.
20 10-04-2013 Secretary (reported to the House) Petition submitted by Shri. M. Krishnan Nair, President, Citizen Protection Forum regarding 'The Kerala Municipality (Second Amendment) Bill, 2013".