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Sl. No. Date Member Who Raised the Discussion Subject Matter
1 14-7-1960  Shri. C.M.Stephen Discussion on a matter of urgent public importance viz. strike by the cashew workers and the consequent closure of over 125 cashew factories and auxiliary Industrial Establishments such as Saw mills, Tin factory in the Quilon District.
2 22-7-1960 Shri. C. Achutha Menon The removal of certain  books written by well known authors by the police from the National Book Stall,Trichur.
3 23-9-1960 Shri.T.A.Thomman Collapse of the Alunthara Government Primary School,  near Vamanapuram resulting in the death of two pupils and serious injuries to  a number of students.
4 3-3-1961 Shri.N.S.Krishna Pillai The economic crisis  that has arisen in the state consequent on the liquidation of the Palai Central  Bank Ltd and grant of moratorium to several other Banks in the state.
5 12-6-1961 Shri. T.A.Thomman Serious situation that has arisen in the taluks of Udumbanchola  and Peermade consequent on the eviction of settlers from the Forest areas.
6 15-12-1961 Shri. T.A.Thomman The situation that has arisen in the state consequent  on the agitation started by the Kerala Karshaka Sangham.
7 31-3-1967 Shri. N.K.Balakrishnan Kasaragod isssue.
8 22-6-1967 Shri.K.M.Mani The attack by the Chinese on the  Indian Diplomats at Peking.
9 14-7-1967 Shri. C.B.Chandrasekhara Warrier Regarding  the unemployment and retrenchment apprehended from the proposed automation in  the Life Insurance Corporation of India.
10 19-10-1972 Shri. R.S.Unni, Deputy  Speaker The crisis in the Cashew Industry in the State.
11 2-11-1973 Shri. K.M.  Mani Working of the Kerala State Transport Corporation.
12 20-7-1978 Shri.T.K.Ramakrishnan The statements contained in the speeches made by Shri. Baby John, Minister for  Revenue and Co-Operation and Shri. M.P.Gangadharan on the floor of the House on  28-6-1978.
13 29-10-1979 Shri. R.S. Unni Crisis in the Coir Industry.
14 16-8-1982 Shri.M.V. Raghavan The contract for removal of timber from Kakki dam reservoir.
15 3-8-1983 Shri. R.S. Unni Crisis in the Cashew Industry.
16 4-8-1983 Shri.M.V.  Raghavan Reported removal of timber from Muchikund.
17 1-4-1985 Shri. K.C. Joseph Drought relief measures in the State.
18 20-9-1985 Shri.Varkala Radhakrishnan  The Annual Report of the Kerala Public Service Commission for the year 1982-83.
19 23-9-1985 Shri.A.C.Jose The fall in the price of coconut.
20 6-11-1986 Shri.  Varkala Radhakrishnan The report on the Working of Kerala Public Service Commission  for the year 1983-84.
21 12-11-1986 Shri.K.V.Surendranath The continuing situation  in the state of nonworking of a large number of Industrial Undertakings and the  default on the part of the Government to take effective remedial measures.
22 20-11-1986 Shri. Cyriac John The fall in the prices of Copra,Coconut oil and Rubber  due to the import of the above products and the resultant hardship to cultivators.
23 11-8-1987 Shri.K.C.Joseph Grave situation arisen as a result of power shortage  in the state due to fall in level of water in the reservoirs.
24 8-12-1987 Shri.P.K.Kunhalikutty The situation that has arisen consequent on the increase in traffic accidents  in the state.
25 25-4-1988 Shri.K.M.Mani Report of the Sarkaria Commission.
26 2-8-1988 Shri.K.C.Joseph The reported crisis in the cashew industry due to the  introduction of monopoly procurement of cashewnuts.
27 2-8-1988 Shri.P.K.Kunhalikutty On not getting adequate representation to Backward Communities in Central and  State services and in Public Undertakings.
28 23-2-1989 Shri. T.M.Jacob On the  grave situation reported to have arisen consequent on the decision of the Government  to introduce cards for noon-feeding and to meet half of the expenses for noon  feeding by the school committee. 
29 2-1-1991 Shri.K.M. Mani  Regarding the necessity  for fixing higher support price for natural rubber.
30 28-7-1993 Shri.V.S. Achuthanandan Aravindksha Menon Commission Report. 
31 1-3-1994 Shri. Kadavoor Sivadasan On  the portions relating to the Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. in the  report of the C & AG for the year ended March 31,1993 (No.1-commercial).
32 1-3-1994 Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan Incidents which occurred in the Kannur District and steps  taken by the Government recently to tackle them.
33 20-4-1994  Shri. T. Sivadasa  Menon Report of the Yohannan Commission which enquired into the police firing  at Palakkad.
34 11-8-1994 Shri. Varkala Radhakrishnan Special report of the Committee  on Government Assurances presented on July 19, 1994.
35 10-7-2003 Shri. V. S. Achutanandan Serious situation that has arisen in the state due to spreading of fever
36 4-8-2003 Shri. K.C. Joseph Report of the commission on W.T.O concerns in Agriculture by Dr. M.S. Swaminathan 
37 10-3-2005  Prof K. V. Thomas Narendran Commission Report regarding reservation to backward communities in employments
38 21-7-2005 Shri V. K. Ebrahim Kunju Report submitted by Rtd. Justice K. John Mathew regarding mineral and mining.
39 21-7-2005 Shri Mathai Chacko Regarding the functioning of Kerala Agriculture University.
40 21-2-2006 Shri M. M. Hassan On the Audit para 3.1 to 3.36 of Chapter III of the Report of the Comptroller and  Auditor General of India (Commercial) regarding Electricity Board for the year ended 31st March 2005, Government of Kerala.




Dr. Thomas Issac


On the remark of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India in the Report for the year ended 31st March 2004, regarding the loss of Rs. 201.40 crores incurred by the State in implementing the Kuttiadi Augmentation Scheme.
42 25-10-2006 Shri Aryadan Mohammed Report of the Commission (Sri. Thomas .P. Joseph) which enquired into the Marad Incident.
43 19-07-2012 Shri. K. Sivadasan Nair Regarding the closure of four district offices of NABARD and decreasing number of Agricultural loans in the state
44 20-07-2012 Shri. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan Regarding the atrocities occurring in the state in the name of Moral Police
45 08-07-2014


Regarding the " Draft Agricultural Policy of the Government-2013"  presented to the House on 06-02-2014

46 19-10-2016 Sri. K S Sabarinadhan Regarding road accidents and its remedial measures.
* Former Rule No. 57