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The vitality of  the role of Legislature committees as a link between Legislature and Executive has base on two factors-the need for Legislature to be vigilant over actions of Executive and the heavy volume of work of Legislature with limited time at its disposal. The Legislature entrusts the committees  with certain functions of the House and the committees aid and assist the Legislature in discharging such duties efficiently and effectively thereby preventing misuse of power exercisable by the Executive. Their vigilance over administration however does not mean direct control, command or prior approval.
 They point out the lapses in administration and help maintain a high standard of governance. They function in a non-partisan manner and their deliberations and conclusions are objective. In most committees public is also directly or indirectly associated when petitions or suggestions are received, studies are conducted and evidences are taken. The Committees thus also have a role as a vibrant link between the law making and law implementing bodies and the general public.