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The Members of a Legislature Committee shall be appointed or elected by the Assembly or nominated by the Speaker, as the case may be.  No Member shall be appointed to a Committee if he is not willing to serve on it.  The proposer shall ascertain whether the Member whose name is proposed by him is willing to serve on the Committee.  Casual vacancies in a Committee shall be filled by appointment or election by the Assembly or nomination by the Speaker, as the case may be, and any Member appointed, elected or nominated to fill such vacancy shall hold office for the unexpired portion  of the term for which the Member in whose place he is appointed, elected or nominated would have normally held office.

     Where an objection is taken to the inclusion of a Member in a Committee on the ground that the Member has a personal, pecuniary or direct interest of such an intimate character that it may prejudicially affect the consideration of any matters to be considered by the Committee, the procedure shall be as follows:—

(a)  the Member who has taken objection shall precisely state the ground of his objection and the nature of the alleged interest, whether personal, pecuniary or direct, of the proposed Member in the matter coming up before the Committee ;

(b)  after the objection has been stated, the Speaker shall give an opportunity to the Member proposed on the Committee against whom the objection has been taken, to state the position ;

(c)  if there is dispute on facts, the Speaker may call upon the Member taking objection and the Member  against whose appointment on the Committee objection has been taken, to produce documentary or other evidence in support of their respective case ;

(d)  after the Speaker has considered the evidence so tendered before him, he shall  give his decision which shall be final ;

(e)  until the Speaker has given his decision the Member against whose appointment on the Committee objection has been taken, shall continue to be a Member thereof if elected, appointed or nominated ;

(f)  if the Speaker holds that the Member against whose appointment objection has been taken has a personal, pecuniary or direct interest in the matter before the Committee, he shall cease to be a Member thereof forthwith 

A Committee nominated by the Speaker shall, unless otherwise specified in the Rules  hold office for the period specified by him or until a new Committee is nominated.  A Member may resign his seat from a Committee by writing under his hand addressed to the Speaker.

The Chairman of a Committee shall be appointed by the Speaker from amongst the Members of the Committee .Provided that if the Deputy Speaker is a Member of the Committee, he shall be appointed Chairman of the Committee.  If the Chairman is for any reason unable to act, the Speaker may appoint another Chairman in his place.  If the Chairman is absent from any sitting, the Committee shall choose another Member to act  as Chairman for that sitting.