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                   The library is involved in the digitalization of assembly documents including assembly delibrations, bills passed, committee and commission reports and bullettins. Assembly documents from the year 1888 to 2016 have been digitized and the work is going on . Over Nine Lakh images have been ditised. More than fifty thousand links are provided to access the digitised documents. Digitisation of assembly documents is a novel method in preserving the same. Digitisation assists in information consolidation and dissemination. These digitised documents are available in the Kerala Legislative Assembly website namely www.klaproceedings.niyamasabha.org. These documents can be searched by means of member name, assembly, session, date and subject options.



Automation in the Kerala Legislature Library initiated in 2006 has bestowed it with the status of India's first computerised Assembly Library using SOUL software of Inflibnet. On 2018 'Koha' software used for the same facilitates members to search and extract the required information esily. Availability of library documents can be searched using OPAC (online Public Access Catalogue) in the intranet of Kerala Legislature Secretariat.